Been Awhile



Been awhile since I posted here. A recent sketch of Snape I need to finish.


9 Months


It’s been 9 months since I posted to this blog. The only thing I have to say to people out there is. Be dope and do dope shit! Follow your dreams, live with passion, and enjoy life.

Now to important matters. Art! Made a lot of progress ans still trying to progress. Working on my illustration and design skills.

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“Wisdom Comes With the Recognition of Limitations”


What up gang! Just wanted to make a quick post. I’m back in school full time and still doing the art thing so I have a lot going on right now. Also scored a couple of cover art jobs so i’m hoping I can get my freelance career going. Anyways here are some sketches and other thing I am working on. Never stop learning, never stop progressing!

New Frontier


Near year, new start, new school, new logo, and some new art! Believe!

Mindset is Everything


Decided to not to only post about art but lessons I learn in life.

Change your mindset and change your world. Some people will never get your drive, your ambition, your determination. That’s ok but don’t let them navigate where your future goes. If they can’t understand and grow with you then they may not be for you. Give moving forward out there world. *respect, love, and positive vibes to all*

Space Cactus


“I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote.I love to sail forbidden seas”  We branched out from our home looking for answers no man has ever known. The problem is……..we found them. The fate of our world rest on shoulders of the fallen.

Hey all just messing around with a personal project of mine. Credit goes to Walter Varela for the awesome poster!